Tripod the Loggerhead Turtle


Meet Tripod, the newest member of the Bunbury and Eaton Vet Clinic family.
Tripod is a young loggerhead turtle who is currently under the care of the Dolphin Discovery Centre.
I was visiting the centre with my three young boys when we saw the tank with around a dozen turtles in it. they have all been sick or injured, and are in the process of being rehabilitated ready for release.
We decided that adopting a turtle was a great way to help this beautiful species, as well as being a great educational opportunity for my kids. You an imagine the excitement of seeing turtles in the David Attenborough documentaries now!
We are hoping the Tripod will be released in the near future, and we plan to follow his life in the open ocean.
We will be sharing his story on our Facebook page, so make sure you follow us to keep up to date. Here is his story so far:
Location Found  Marmion Beach, Perth
Date Found  17th August 2017
Initial Weight & Length  Weight 225grams Length 10.3 cm
Distinguished Markings  Missing right rear flipper. 3 green nail polish dots on shell.
Latest Weight and length  Weight 815 grams Length 17.1 cm 19th January 2018
Overall Progress Tripod is progressing well despite having a missing flipper. This injury is fully healed, but it meant Tripod had a tendency to swim in circles!! We need to keep encouraging Tripod to swim the opposite way by tempting it with food and changing the water flow in the tank, so that it builds up enough muscle strength have the coordination it will need when it is released Tripod is eating well, gaining weight and is able to dive and rest on the bottom of the tank, but does not yet have the stamina for deep, active dives.