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How to we treat a lump?

Last week I posted a “what is this lump” post. The answer: it is a mast cell tumour. It couldn’t be accurately diagnosed by just looking at it or feeling it. It could only be diagnosed by taking a sample and examining it under the microscope. The problem with trying to diagnose lumps based on […]

What is this lump?

What is this lump? I don’t know either. Even after 17 years of being a vet. I recently saw a dog with two lumps. The dog was seen by another vet around 12-18 months ago and was told that the lumps were lipomas, which are benign, fatty lumps that we don’t need to worry about. […]

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a relatively common problem in medium to large sized dogs which can cause a lot of pain and arthritis in affected dogs. What is Hip Dysplasia? The hip joint is what we call a “ball and socket” joint. The ball at the top of the femur (the bone in the upper leg) […]

Diabetes in Dogs

Just like people, dogs can develop diabetes. This is almost always insulin responsive (type 1) diabetes, unlike cats where type 2 diabetes is more common. The first thing most owners notice is the dog drinking and peeing a lot more than normal. This is because there are very high levels of glucose in the blood, […]

Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs

I’m sure that most dog owners by now are aware that chocolate can be fatal in dogs if eaten is sufficient quantities. This doesn’t mean you need to panic if you’ve been giving your Labrador a tiny bit of chocolate every now and then. However, if your dog has broken in to your stash of […]

How to Stop Puppies Jumping

How To Stop Puppies Jumping Up On People. I think most puppies go through a “jumping up” phase. It can be quite a challenge to stop the behaviour, but if we understand what is underlying it, it can help us to work through the best way to manage it. When puppies are born, they are […]

Do You Need a Bag?

Do You Need a Bag? The story on the news last week about the dog attacks and people not controlling their dogs in public has made me think about other ways that irresponsible dog owners are affecting the owners who do the right thing. After out of control dogs, I think people not picking up […]