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Landlords: Please Consider Pet Owners

Every Week the Bunbury Vet Clinic and Eaton Vet Clinic receive calls from people seeking assistance to rehome their pets because they can’t find a rental property that will let them have animals. The Australian Companion Animal Council is working to encourage more landlords to consider pet owners as tenants, and have released their list of […]

Raising Funds for SWAR

Raising Funds for South West Animal Rescue This July, we will be raising funds for South West Animal Rescue (SWAR) at the Eaton Vet Clinic. We are looking to focus on responsible pet ownership this month, and one of the big things we are looking to promote is desexing pets. Charities such as SWAR and […]

Cushing’s Disease

Senior Pet Problem: Urinary Incontinence. Senior Pet Problem: Cushing’s Disease. Does your elderly dog drink more than usual? Is it losing hair or getting pot-bellied? It may have Cushing’s Disease. Cushing’s Disease, or Hyperadrenocorticism, is caused by the body producing excessive amounts of steroids. We see this dog most commonly in older, small breed dogs […]

Why is my cat drinking more?

Senior Pet Problem: Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in cats is a relatively common but underdiagnosed problem affecting cats kidneys. It affects a large number of cats, but often goes undiagnosed as many owners don’t realise what signs to look out for. The earliest signs we see of CKD is increased […]

June is Senior Pet Month

June is Senior Pet Month Throughout the month of June, The Bunbury and Eaton Vet Clinics will be focusing on Senior Pets. If your dog is over 8 or your cat over 10 years of age, this month is for you and your pets. Winter is a particularly difficult time for older pets. Their arthritis […]