New Clients

Welcome to the Bunbury and Eaton Vet Clinics.

resizedimage200150-Rob-Harris-and-Jonathan-WoodHopefully by now you’ve heard all about the great work we do (we’re rather proud of our reputation). We’ve created this part of the website to save you a bit of time when you come in to visit us, as we realise trying to fill in forms when you’ve got a bouncy labrador on the end of a lead trying to play with the cat across the waiting room isn’t always the easiest thing.

Our New Client Registration Form is there to provide us with all the details we need to get started.

Our Appointment Request Form is for you to send through a request for an appointment. One of our nurses will reply to you within one working day (but normally within an hour or two of opening) to confirm the appointment. It’s perfect for busy people who often don’t get a chance to phone us during our normal opening hours.