How to book your pet in for sterilising.

We offer routine sterilisation surgeries from both our Bunbury and Eaton Vet Clinics every weekday.

To make a booking, simply give us a call. We can normally fit your pet in for surgery within one to two business/ working days, but if you have a specific date you would prefer; we advise you to book a couple of weeks ahead if possible.

Information we will ask you for will include the age, breed and approximate weight of your pet. This is to ensure your pet is an ideal age for sterilising (we prefer dogs to be at least 6 months old, while we may desex cats younger if needed), and so we can ensure we have the right sized enclosure or dog run available that day for your pet to fit comfortably.

If we have never met your pet before, we would prefer to meet them (and yourself) before performing the procedure. This can be either on the day of the surgery, or a few days before. This gives your pet a chance to get to know the clinic so it is more relaxed on the day of the surgery, and allows us to examine your pet and discuss the procedure with you. This consultation will be provided at no charge to you – simply ask for a pet sterilisation consultation.

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